On arrival at the distillery, the piña is split (by sturdy guys with axes) and then cooked in huge ovens. The ovens are of brick, with wooden or steel doors. After cooking and cooling for a couple of days, the piñas are crushed to extract the juice, which is then fermented for about another day. The resulting juice is then distilled and filtered to remove any impurities.



During fermentation the agave´s juice is deposited in stainless steel tanks for its formulation. During this process the sugars contained in the agave turn into alcohol. The action of a leavening stock, developed in our laboratory with special care, is crucial to obtain the particular characteristics of our products.

This process has an approximated duration of 2 to 3 days for tequila 100% agave. At the end of this process, the fermented juice has an alcoholic graduation between 6 and 7%



Once finished fermenting, the mosto (juices) is injected into stainless steel stills for first round of distillation and then into copper stills for second round of distillation for all three styles. Our Blanco is double distilled and immediately bottled.  VIDA Reposado and Anejo are both aged after second round of distillation.  

Distillation consists of boiling the mosto until it becomes steam. The resulting steam becomes alcohol when it is condensed with an approximated alcoholic graduation of 25%. At the end of the first stage, the resulting product is injected again into the stills for a second distillation. In this second step the separation of heads and tails is made, with the purpose of regulating metanol and alcohol; this is a very important stage within the elaboration process.